The door says a lot about a home.
Let us help you FIND INSPIRATION

Today’s home designs prove you can have it all. A mix of elements
from popular home styles gives exteriors a FRESH LOOK. And the
front entry door makes the perfect focal point to bring it all together.
Here are some looks we love right now. From French Country to
Craftsman or Farmhouse to Modern. These inspired home designs
offer the PERFECT BLEND of today’s most popular styles.

Choose a door that brings out the best of your home’s style


Choose the SURFACE. STAIN it. PAINT it. Color and texture add CHARACTER to a home. Create the look you want with realistic wood grains or smooth, paintable surfaces in our fiberglass door collections

Noga Style Colonial

Preserves the CLASSIC style of
homes from America’s history.
Known for its FORMAL design
and symmetry.
Attic Dormers
Multi-Pane Windows
Balanced Windows & Shutters
Entry with Columns

CC97 / Classic-Craft Oak with Provincial Glass

CCV10026 / Classic-Craft Canvas with Cambridge Glass

FC18 / Fiber-Classic Oak with Clear Glass and SDLs

FCM148 / Fiber-Classic Mahogany with Kensington Glass

CCV0609 / Classic-Craft Canvas with Low-E Glass and RGs

Noga Style European

Inspired by the PROVINCIAL style of countryside estates.
Features RICH details on brick, stone and stucco exteriors.
Multi-Peaked Rooflines
Shingles or Clay Roof Tiles
Romantic Decoration
Arched Windows & Entryways

CC109 / Classic-Craft Oak with Arcadia Glass

CCR1528 / Classic-Craft Rustic
with Borrassa Glass

CCV22027 / Classic-Craft Canvas
with Augustine Glass

CCM302 / Classic-Craft
Mahogany with Lucerna Glass

FCM113 / Fiber-Classic
Mahogany with Salinas Glass

Noga Style Traditional

Combines PRACTICALITY with classic looks in almost any form.
Represents elements from a VARIETY of styles.
Steep-Pitched Rooflines
Multi-Pane Windows
Modest Porches
Simple Columns

CC107 / Classic-Craft Oak
with Provincial Glass

CCV22029 / Classic-Craft Canvas
with Arcadia Glass

CCM204 / Classic-Craft
Mahogany with Lucerna Glass

CCR20026 / Classic-Craft Rustic
with Cambridge Glass

FC164 / Fiber-Classic Oak
with Blackstone Glass

Noga Style Modern

Focuses on clean lines and ASYMMETRICAL exteriors.
Fuses together INDUSTRIAL concrete, vinyl and glass materials.
Flat or Shed Rooflines
Geometric or Angular Shapes
Expansive Windows
Minimal Decoration

FCM2XE / Pulse Ari Mahogany with Satin Etch Glass

S2AX / Pulse Ari Smooth
with Axis Glass

FC4XN / Pulse Echo Oak
with Granite Glass

FC5720 / Fiber-Classic Oak
with Clear Glass and SDLs

FC1RSG / Pulse Línea Oak
with Saratoga Glass


We are the leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas, delivering distinctive door styles that complement any home and personal taste. From the crisp, clean lines of our Heritage Series™ to the traditional elegance of our Masonite Classics™ Collection,we offer a breadth of interior doors to meet any design, performance and material you need, so you always have the right answer for your customers.

Noga West End Collection

Embossed lines add a modern edge to any space.
Available in Safe ‘N Sound




Noga Barn Doors

Barn door options  deliver trend-forward design solutions that are both stylish and functional.
Choose from three easy-to-install track options to create flexible interior spaces packed with character.

Lincoln Park



Noga Molded Panel Doors

Feature lines define authentic architectural details.
Available in Safe ‘N Sound





Molded panel engineering delivers timeless designs..
Available in Safe ‘N Sound

2 Panel

2 Panel Roman

2 Panel Arch-Top

3 Panel

4 Panel

6 Panel

We are on a mission to put solid core doors in every home. Made of solid
material all the way through, they feel more substantial and block sound
more efectively. For minimal cost, solid core doors create a dramatic
improvement in overall quality


Door, Hinges, Magnetic Latch, Lever, & Complete Frame

affordable prices

Our doors are guaranteed to look like a million bucks while they don't have to break the bank.

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