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Your brand is your most valuable asset.  Whether through retailers or e-tailers, any customer contact with your brand is an opportunity to influence perception, engage and build loyalty. 

In today’s busy world, your brand only has a few seconds to make an impact and influence a purchase to win over shoppers.  Does your marketing convey the proper message about your brand and your product?

What Is NOGA US POP Marketing plans?

Enhance your customer experience to increase your sales

The strategies for POP marketing are things you may see every day and not even realize. Signs at gas pumps offering a sale on soda inside the convenience store would be considered POP marketing. Customers are already stopping to purchase gasoline, so getting a soda would be a “might as well” purchase. Candy placed by registers is also a form of POP marketing. 

In essence, they’re items that didn’t bring you to the store to make a purchase, but you end up grabbing them out of impulse or ease of access. 

For ecommerce sites, POP marketing would be suggesting similar products or showing opportunities for an upgrade. It may seem more difficult to market products to someone at the checkout online, but there are techniques to get customers to purchase additional products. 

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